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Hypnotherapy Helps with Many Unusual Things

Throughout my practice, anxiety is the primary reason that clients see me for hypnotherapy.  Today, I thought it would be fun to share some of the unusual, remarkable things that hypnotherapy can also help with.  Often times, the client notices this improvement when another issue is being addressed.  Hypnotherapy has long been hailed as a powerful tool for addressing various mental health concerns, however, hypnotherapy is very versatile in addressing a large array of unexpected areas, displaying the untapped potential of this age-old practice, and the power of the subconscious mind. 


Many adults who suffered with nightmares and/or nighttime screaming for years can be permanently relieved of these sleep interruptions.  From when I was a school nurse and first became a hypnotherapy client myself, I learned from experience that nightmares respond quickly and permanently in just one session.  I have helped hundreds with this process. What a relief for these people, their spouses, or families! 

Accelerated Learning/Test Taking

Pass that exam?  Pass the state licensing test?  Score well on an aptitude test.  Yes!  I have personally helped many clients clear blocks to learning, relaxing, and remembering what they study so they test well.  Everything we study, read, learn is stored in our subconscious mind.  The secret to successful test taking is relaxation, being in “the zone.”  Hypnosis facilitates self-confidence, smooth recall, and the core belief of testing with success.

Benefits of Anxiety Relief

Whether you would like to relax at social gatherings?  Have fun meeting new people?   Enjoy dating?   Have confidence in work situations?  Hypnotherapy is by far the transformative tool.  A successful business owner, after just 3 sessions for anxiety said to me: “I have done things that I never had the confidence to do before, I am so grateful.”   Driving in a car.  Many people have driving anxiety.  Flying in a plane.  After 2 sessions, I reached out to my client, but he was heading to the airport!  His wife said he decided to fly!  Another client after relieving his social anxiety, proudly announced, “And my golf game is better too!” 

Improve Athletic Performance.

In a previous Loop article, I shared about my client Rachel Jager, who credits her gold medal win in the North American Jujitsu with her sports hypnosis sessions with me.  Some of the most notable athletes of all time have used hypnosis.  Just as Tiger Woods, Micheal Jorda, Greg Louganis, Kobe Bryant, Mary Lou Retton and more learned the power of their subconscious mind:  “the Doer.”  Hypnosis helps improve training, overcome injuries, improve focus during competition, manage stress, and improve overall mental well-being.  You see the Olympic athletes with headphones as they travel?  Many times, it is their hypnotic affirmations, programming the mindset, focus and the mental movie of their perfect athletic performance.  Greg Louganis viewed the mental movie of the perfect dive 200 times before each dive!  What is the mental movie of your athletic success? 

Fear of Dying

A beautiful woman, faced with terminal cancer, yet still many months to live, reached out to me around her fear of dying.  During one of her sessions, in a deeply relaxed state of mind, she went forward to the time of her death.  She experienced how peaceful and beautiful it would be.  She was greeted with loving hugs by her brother.  She felt wonderful, peaceful, blissful, which helped her cope better with her day-to-day health challenges.  She also learned pain control and diminished her use of narcotics.

Memory Recall

Rosemary has used hypnosis to assist clients in remembering combinations to their safe, computer passwords, and the location of a “safely hidden” item.   She is also Certified in Forensic Hypnosis and available to law enforcement to help witnesses to recall details of a crime.  Our subconscious mind holds all our memories. 

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