Neuro-linguistic programming


Rosemary Powel is a Facilitator of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), a psychological approach that dates back to the ’70s. It does require hypnosis and allows clients to analyze their behavior, thought patterns and perceptions to change their actions.

Definition of “Getting Real With Yourself”

  • Complete their goals

  • Converting “stuck” feelings into powerful resource states

  • Let go of unhealthy attachments to others

  • Clear the true origins of problems

  • Overcome procrastination and create dynamic motivation

  • Assists people to really heal from traumatic experiences

  • Tap into the clients own wellspring of internal resources

  • Clearing all kinds of fears and even debilitating phobias

Joyful Life Hypnotherapy + NLP

Rosemary Powell offer neuro-linguistic programming sessions to clients in Tehachapi, California, Bakersfield and the surrounding areas as well as throughout North America on Zoom. Take this step toward a better life and a more positive mindset.


“After just one hypnotherapy session with Rosemary to work on my anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. I feel no anxiety, I feel at peace. I slept deeply, which I have not done in a long time. I am more conscious of time with the anxiety gone. I even walked my dogs saying my affirmations. I am doing little things which I would not be able do because I was feeling so overwhelmed and had too much on my mind. I feel peaceful about accomplishing my future goals.”

- C. -

“Miss Rosemary, I can’t thank you enough for seeing me! After my session yesterday (first), I was able to do my physical therapy with little discomfort. I already feel so much better! The level of ‘pain’ I feel has dramatically reduced. I actually slept for 5 straight hours last night. That hasn’t happened for many many years. You are a God send! What you do is amazing. I need more of your business cards!”

AGE 66 WITH PTSD, nightmares, chronic pain, AND poor sleep

“I searched for Rosemary because I am terminally ill with cancer and I was full of fear. Hypnotherapy put me at ease and I felt an immediate connection of serenity and peace to accept the beauty of her hypnosis. I recommend everyone to see her, even if there are no serious issues, just to relax and breathe in the calmness she creates.”

- Client -


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