Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hypnotize even me?

Hypnosis is a very natural phenomenon. We all are in various levels of trance throughout the day, doing dishes, driving, immersed in a television program. . Over many years and clients, I have never yet had someone that I could not assist into a hypnotic trance to benefit them.

How many sessions will it take to help me?

My clients’ sessions usually range from 3-6 sessions and some more. It depends upon the issues and the client’s goals. Hypnotherapy has two significant advantages over other psychological approaches: Hypnotherapy deals directly with the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is usually far quicker in producing beneficial changes and results.

How will I remember everything we work on during the session?

When in trance, you are not asleep, but in a relaxed state of mind and body. You can hear the entire session. Also, after each session, I send an email summarizing your goal, affirmations and your session.